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Kerry Bog Ponies
The Kerry Bog pony almost became extinct. By 1994 there were only 20 ponies left in the whole of Ireland, Of which 15 were in the county of Kerry. We have the Kerry Ponies here at the Bog Village. Our aim is to save them from extinction and, by breeding them, to increase their numbers here in Kerry and further afield.

You may already have seen that the Kerry Bog Pony is quite small - almost like a Shetland Pony - About 10 or 11 hands high, with a distinctive dish or curved face, rather like an Arab. Breed colorus are chestnut with flaxen mane and tail or livered chestnut with black mane and tail or grey and also bay.

To establish whether or not our ponies are truly survivors of a rare breed, the stallion Flash Fox was tested for genetic markers by Weatherby's Ireland, and was satisfactorily blood typed in 1994.

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