Step back in time to 19th Century Ireland

The Kerry Bog Village explores Ireland’s rural history, heritage and lifestyle. Visitors will experience the culture, customs and living conditions of our great ancestors through the famine years, and late 19th century. The village has period thatched cottages, fully furnished with authentic antiques, complete with sound effects and figurines. Outdoors, we display a fabulous array of rural farm equipment, used by turf cutters and farmers of the time period.

In the village, you will also see the once almost extinct ‘Kerry Bog Pony’ and the world’s tallest dogs the ‘Irish Wolfhound’.


A spectacular location on the Ring of Kerry

The Kerry Bog Village is set at the foot of the Mcgillycuddy Reeks, Ireland’s highest mountain range. The Village is surrounded by the extensive Bog lands of Ballintleave. We show how workers cultivated the peat for fuel in bygone days, and how the turf was a primary source for heating the home and cooking.

At the museum entrance, we offer a comprehensive booklet to visitors. The brochure explains in detail, all the cottages and points of interest. Our information comes in: English, Irish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese and many more languages.

Our museum takes pride in providing educational and fun facts to people who visit us. We achieve this through various information points, self-explanatory displays, and from our staff, who are always willing and ready to help with any queries.